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The Lanai Bar & Bistro

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Our Lanai bar serves an impressive selection of beverages. Why not treat yourself to one of our signature cocktails? Sure to tantalise the tastebuds.

Breakfast & Lunch

Nestled within the elegant confines of the Blackpool Resort Hotel, the Lanai Bar and Bistro stands as a beacon of culinary delight, offering a respite of indulgence for both guests and locals alike. With its inviting ambiance and charming atmosphere, this bistro promises an experience that transcends mere dining, captivating patrons with its fusion of delectable cuisine and warm hospitality.

As the sun peeks through the Bifold doors, illuminating the cozy interior, guests are welcomed into a world of gastronomic pleasure. The aroma of freshly prepared meals fills the air, enticing diners to explore the tantalizing offerings of the breakfast and lunch menu.

£12.95 per adult
& £7.95 per child

This can be added to your reservation. Please call our team on 01253 411 815

Stylish surrounds

The Blackpool Resort Hotel has been carefully and tastefully decorated throughout with a contemporary design using a palette of white, black, greys and our signature dark aegean blue. 

The Lanai presents an open plan modern experience.

Sea views

Blackpool is well known for incredible sunsets - and the Lanai is the perfect spot to enjoy and relax with your favourite beverage.

Seafront facing, and presenting a full view of the Irish sea. 

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